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Website Design

Creative web design that effectively communicates
your business benefits to your target audience.



Our mission is to help businesses grow online. We research your business and target audience to design and optimise your website to effectively communicate your products, services and benefits.

Conversion-centred Web Design

We design websites that help our clients build their business by generating sales leads and improving their business credibility.

Demonstrate Abilities

We design case studies, portfolios, product and service pages and blogs that demonstrate your knowledge and abilities along with the benefits your business offers.

Build Trust

We build in trust indicators to reinforce your abilities through customer testimonials & reviews, client logos and detailed about pages.

Generate Sales Leads

Strategic placement of contact forms, call to action buttons, phone numbers and live chat encourage contact from potential customers.

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Web Design That Increases Conversions

The way a website is designed will have a significant impact on the leads it will generate.
We design websites that take into account your target clients needs and use a variety of elements to encourage conversions. Key web design elements are listed bellow.




Headlines targeted to your visitors need to encourage them to continue reading.



A paragraph explaining how your company can fulfil the needs of the visitor.



Breaking down the solution to your customers needs are easy to digest than remember.


Call to Action

Encouraging your visitors to contact you using active words increases conversions.



Genuine testimonials from clients demonstrates credibility in the services you offer.


Highlight Features

Explain to the visitors the key features and specifications your products offer.



Logical navigation increases pages viewed about your services and products.


Supporting Visuals

Relevant images or videos help to increase conversions.


Trust Elements

Client logos demonstrates experience and increases confidence in your abilities.


Email Marketing

Nurture leads for when they are ready to purchase through regular newsletters.


Your digital brand guidelines portray the public image and values of your business. We believe in the importance of having a clear brand identity to have an effective impact on your targeted audience.

We can help improve your brand guidelines by evolving your logo, researching and choosing fonts, defining a colour scheme, designing illustrations and creating a grid system. Your business will benefit from a more coherent brand identity and increased credibility.

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Increase Reach To Mobiles

Responsive web design helps to increase traffic and page views by allowing easier viewing of your websites content, mobile specific navigation to increase page views and SEO improvements as Google gives higher rankings to websites that are mobile friendly.


Better User Experience

Responsive web design allows your website to restructure the content for better viewing on mobile and tablets. Mobile browsers will see a single column layout with non-relevant content hidden to reduce page scrolling and improve readability.


Higher Conversion

Responsive websites convert more leads due to contact forms resizing which makes them easy to fill in. Phone numbers can be clicked upon to automatically call and email addresses open up the mobile phones email client with the email address ready. Website traffic typically makes up 30% of traffic a website receives making responsive web design an essential part of your main marketing tool.

Ready To Take Your Website To The Next Level?



How long will it take you to build my website?

The length of time it takes to build your website will depend on the complexity of the design and development, Typically projects take between 4 and 16 weeks. We create a detailed specification of your website project and use agile project management to ensure the project is delivered on time, within budget and to the specification.

Our project manager will be working closely with you from start to finish and will keep you informed at every stage.

Will my website look the same to all users?

We encourage all of our clients to invest in responsive web designs in order to provide users with a consistent experience across all platforms. Responsive web design is not only considered best practice by our team of web designers, but also search engines like Google. Your website will automatically resize to the viewer’s device, whether that is a desktop computer, a tablet or a mobile.

We use ‘Bootstrap 3’ as a framework for responsive development which is now the industry standard ensuring your website is coded to the latest standards.

Do I have to update my own website?

We will provide you with training on how to use WordPress so you can update your content as and when you wish too, however if you would rather outsource this to us, that’s absolutely fine! We can provide you with a bespoke maintenance plan to suit your business requirements and budget.

We also have a team of professional copywriters who can update your blog with engaging posts and keep your website content fresh. We could share posts too, with both your company and Reynolds Digital creating some content each month. Many clients for example like to create news teasers and stories internally.

We can also find images and videos relevant to your business. These will be totally copyright free and optimised for low memory usage.


How do I purchase a domain name?

You can purchase a domain name from websites such as GoDaddy or 123-reg. You will first need to check that the domain name you want is available for registration. The process is fairly straightforward, however if you would prefer us to set up your domain name on your behalf, we are more than happy to! Simply let us know what domain name you would like for your website and we will take care of the registration and set up. We will register your .com or .co.uk domain name for a year, after which you will need to renew it.

If you have already bought a domain name, simply let us know what it is and we’ll transfer it to the new website we are building for you.

Will my website show up in Google?

We build SEO friendly WordPress websites that are optimised for search engines, so your website stands a very good chance of showing up in Google. Of course, if you want to achieve a higher ranking and drive high volumes of traffic through to your website, you will need to work to improve your website’s SEO. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds but luckily for you, we happen to be experts!

Reynolds Digital specialises in WordPress SEO and will use white hat techniques (on page optimisation, ethical link building, quality content creation) to help your website climb up the search rankings. We will create a bespoke SEO strategy for your business that integrates with your existing online marketing plan. Contact us for a no obligation quote.