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BEST SEO WordPress Plugins for Local London SEO

4 Best WordPress SEO Plugins

This article looks at the BEST SEO Plugins for WordPress including – Yoast SEO / All-in-One SEO Pack / Squirrly SEO

We will look at the features each WordPress SEO plugin offers, how this integrates with your website design and the price of the plugin. You can learn more about the WordPress SEO plugins by clicking on the names above the images.

Yoast SEO for WordPress

Features – Yoast offers a lot of value with their free plugin. It enables you to create meta titles and descriptions on a per-page basis or add variables such as the date or your company name to every post, page and category. The premium version allows you to customise the title, description and image that is shared to facebook and twitter. There is a breadcrumb option which can improve the appearance within Google to show your blog categories as a name rather than just a URL. You have full control over posts, pages and categories that are displayed in search engines. This can help improve your search engine ranking as preventing categories displaying in search results can reduce duplicate content.
SEO Analysis Tools – A readability tab helps you create content based on your provided focus keyword phrase. It highlights problems such as sentences using the same words start, transition words such as ‘and’, ‘so’, ‘but’ and ‘because’.

Improvements to your copy are suggested from a ranking on the ‘Flesch Scale’. This gives an indication of how difficult your content is to read.

If you have achieved goals within their parameters, a green dot will appear for these such as attaining the ideal subheading distribution, paragraph length and sentence length.
Addons – Four addons are available, which further optimise your website for local SEO, videos, news posts and will WooCommerce products. These are premium addons that cost £69 plus VAT each.
Documentation –
Price – Yoast SEO has a free plugin from the WordPress repository, which offers a lot of functionality and is suitable for most websites. The premium version costs £79 plus VAT (depending on the country) and offers data, Google Facebook and Twitter previews, internal linking suggestions, redirect manager, support and is ad-free.

Yoast Tutorials

All-in-One SEO Pack for WordPress

Features –
SEO Analysis Tools –
Documentation –
Price – There is a free plugin available that offers similar functionality to the free Yoast plugin, and a pro pack that includes SEO modules for categories, WooCommerce, videos and access to their knowledge centre and support forums. It costs $57 per year for one site, $97 up to 10 sites and $419 for unlimited sites which are aimed at agencies.

All-in-One SEO Pack Tutorials

Squirrly SEO for WordPress

Features –
SEO Analysis Tools –
Documentation –
Price – The plug-in is free from the WordPress repository, which has a lot of functionality. The pro version costs $29.99 a month for use on up to 7 websites, and this has a range of options including auditing, live assistant, strategy. The business version offers a few more features, such as advanced analytics but can also create more audits and monitor 300 pages and keywords instead of 100.

Squirrly Tutorials

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Barry Reynolds

Barry Reynolds is a director at WP Design with many years of experience in web design, WordPress development and digital marketing.

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