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BEST Anti Spam Plugins for WordPress

This article looks at the BEST Anti Spam Plugins for WordPress including: Elementor / WP Bakery / Divi Builder / Site Origin / Beaver Builder.

We will look at the features each WordPress Anti Spam Plugins offers, how this integrates with your website design and the price of the plugin. You can learn more about the Anti Spam plugins by clicking on the names above the images.

Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin

akismet anti-spam-plugin
Akismet Anti-Spam is a plug-in that is recommended by WordPress to catch spam comments submitted by filtering spam comments submitted to your website.  It will filter out obvious spam comments with a high degree of accuracy by checking them against their global database of spam, they can then easily be deleted.

Genuine comments which have been submitted by website visitors and don’t contain backlinks can be displayed on the website or placed in the moderation queue ready for an administrator to authorise the comments.

Akismet is a cloud-based application with a huge database used to recognise spam. It has an unnoticeable impact on the speed of your website and is very effective. it is not completely foolproof as manual spam comments can get through but the vast majority of automated spam links will be recognised and placed in the spam queue.

Cerber Security, Antispam & Malware Plugin


WordPress Zero Spam


Antispam Bee Plugin


Anti Spam by Cleantalk Plugin


Spam Comments

Spam comments can cause major problems for WordPress websites if they are not properly dealt with. Spam comments typically come from the comments section at the bottom of the blog posts and are usually contain links back to websites for the purposes of increasing SEO or promoting products and services.

Spam comments are usually automatically generated by spambots. These may leave spam comments to forms that openly accept comments from any user, or user accounts may automatically have been created either by a person or bot which then allows comments to be left on the website.

There are ways in which you can prevent new users being created or that will notify you when a user has been created however many people are not aware of this feature or have the knowledge of how to do this.

Negative SEO Impact

Left unchecked, these spam comments can have a significant negative impact on the search engine ranking of your website as the low-quality links reduce the trustworthiness of your website.

The words used in the comments is often of an adult nature and may even contain images which can potentially get your site banned by your web host and will certainly put off potential customers of your business.

One way to deal with spam comments is by enabling comments moderation in WordPress. This means that every comment that is submitted will have to be authorised by the site administrator before it is allowed to be displayed on the website.

The problem with this method is you will quickly run into a large volume of spam comments and sifting through these to find genuine comments will be very time-consuming.

Spam Slows Your Website

Spam comments can cause significant issues to the speed of your website. It’s not uncommon to receive thousands of spam comments a month  And the longer your website has been unprotected and a larger your website is in terms of blog posts and visitors, the greater number of spam comments your website will receive.

Each of these spam comments creates an entry onto your database and many of these comments can be hundreds of words long with multiple backlinks. This can rapidly grow the size of your website database and in turn, has a serious impact on the loading speed of your website.

Barry Reynolds

Barry Reynolds is a director at WP Design with many years of experience in web design, WordPress development and digital marketing.

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Barry Reynolds

Barry Reynolds is a director at WP Design with many years of experience in web design, WordPress development and digital marketing.

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