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6 Best Security Plugins For WordPress Compared

6 Best WordPress Security Plugins Compared

At any given time within a seven-day period there are approximately 18.5M sites that have been infected with malware. On average a website is attacked up to 44 times a day, and that’s all websites, non-WordPress and WordPress ones too.…

WordPress Security: What Do You Need To Know

WordPress Security: What do you need to know

As pretty much the most popular website creation and hosting platform on the planet, with around 75 million sites using WordPress in one form or another, there’s a lot of focus on whether or not it’s really secure enough. A…

Should I Go Freelance? A Developer Shares Her Views.

Should I go freelance? A developer shares her views.

Being a web developer doesn’t require much in the way of equipment. You need a computer – usually a laptop these days although some favour a permanent setup with multiple screens (it’s more a matter of personal preference really). And…

Gdpr The Finer Details

GDPR: The Finer Details

The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is a series of rules that have been put in place with the aim of protecting EU citizens from breaches in data and privacy. Any organisation that is involve in the processing of…

9 Best & Most Popular Free Responsive WordPress Themes

9 Best & Most Popular Free Responsive WordPress Themes

If you’re looking for a WordPress blog theme for your website, and they are all free, then you can find yourself extremely spoilt for choice as there are literally thousands to take your pick from. The decision can be especially…

6 Best WordPress Image Compression Plugins

6 Best WordPress Image Compression Plugins

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and while we’re not sure how true that is it’s definitely safe to say that without pictures your website will look dull and boring. And how many visitors are going to hang…

4 Best WordPress SEO Plugins For Higher Rankings

4 Best WordPress SEO Plugins For Higher Rankings

WordPress is one of the most popular site building and hosting platforms around at the moment with some industry estimates putting the number of WordPress hosted sites (both on and at at least 75,000,000 and rising. It’s easy…

Guest Blog Posting: Increase Your Google Ranking

Guest Blog Posting: Increase Your Google Ranking

A question that gets banded around a lot is the epitome’s question, “Is web design guest posting dead?” The answer to this isn’t simple, the short answer is no, web design guest posting isn’t dead, it’s just hard. London Guest…

7 Ways To Advertise Your Website To Increase Sales Leads

7 Ways to Advertise Your Website to Increase Sales Leads

If you think that as a web design freelancer, you don’t need a business strategy, you are actually mistaken. The chore ideas of marketing your website remain the same, even though platform changes from tradition to trend. Business branding is…

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