BEST Page Builder WordPress Plugins for London Startups

This article looks at the BEST Page Builder plugins for WordPress including WPBakery / Elementor / Beaver Builder.

We will look at the features each WordPress Page Builder plugin offers, how this integrates with your website design and the price of the plugin. You can learn more about the Page Builder plugins by clicking on the names above the images.

WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress

  • Builder – The builder is very intuitive with a pop-up box displaying all of your modules with a drag and drop interface and the option to choose how many columns and rows you need. There are responsive options enabling you to change how many columns appear in a row depending upon the device your website is viewed. You can easily add background images, colours and video, and you have the activity to disable modules you don’t use to reduce clutter within the builder.
  • Modules – It comes with 50+ inbuilt modules that offer a lot of functionality; however, you can easily extend it using WPbakery specific plugins from Code Canyon. An additional plugin named Templatera is recommended, which is usually included with themes from Theme Forest. It allows you to create a template from modules to display a section such as a contact form on multiple pages. Adjustments are made to one template which then changes every page with that module.
  • Templates – Template sections are available once you have activated the plugin or you can create your own templates. There is an option to import and export templates, which is useful if you work on multiple websites.
  • Documentation – There are many videos in their Academy which show you how to use the plug-in effectively. The online written documentation is quite text-heavy and therefore harder digests unless you are a developer looking for a specific piece of information; however, the video tutorials offer more than enough information to work with the plugin.
  • Price – The plugin costs $54 for a single website with free updates, premium support and access to the template library. It is also included free with many themes purchased from Theme Forest and is currently the most popular page builder plugin for WordPress.

Elementor Page Builder for WordPress

  • Builder – The builder is very simple to use and attractive. it focuses on building the website visually by dragging modules into the front end of the website and adding content. It is the easiest of the 3 to use for visual layouts but as the plugin is relatively new, It doesn’t have the range of add-ons that WPBakery has. This should be fine if you are just concerned with the visual layout of your website but you may find some functionality lacking if you wish to extend the plugin.
  • Modules – It comes with 50 modules that are very similar to what WPBakery offer and they have a growing number of add-on plugins which are now available on Code Canyon. These are well presented and reasonably priced but have relatively few sales and therefore issues may not have been highlighted and fixed as with other plugins.
  • Templates – Templates are broken down into blocks, pages and your saved templates. The designs are contemporary and can be adjusted to work with your typography and colour schemes. They are simple to add to your website with a screenshot of each and a focus on commonly used page template designs which can help save a lot of time.
  • Documentation – The documentation is designed well with many animated images and videos throughout the writing, which is clear and concise using icons, bullet lists and links to relevant content. It is the best out of the page builder plugins I have used.
  • Price – For one website, the plugin costs $49 per year, including one year of updates, one year of support and includes widgets and templates. Three websites cost $99 per year, and 1000 sites cost $199 per year.

Beaver Builder for WordPress

  • Documentation – It is very text-heavy with some static images, which is helpful if you are looking for a specific tutorial through their knowledge base but it isn’t inviting if you wanted to browse and learn from just the tutorials like the other two plugins.
  • Price – The standard licence costs $99 for unlimited sites and support for one year with modules and templates. For $199 you get multisite capability and the theme which is good for developers wishing to create a single module to be used on multiple pages, and for $399 you get white labelling with unlimited websites.
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