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Paid web directories are a very good way of gaining strong one way backlinks to help with your SEO campaign. Unlike free directories which anyone can submit to in bulk, these paid directories have an editor which will evaluate your website for quality and ensure it is in the correct category before placing a link with a description back to your website.

These selected paid web directories can help push your website up the Google search results and local search results if placed in a location-targeted category such as London, as they are offer do-follow links which pass value rather than no-follow which pass no value.

When submitting your website to the directory, you will find some pages have a higher page rank within the web directory so try and place your website link in a relevant category or location for maximum effectiveness.

Google isn’t keen on paid links which can have a negative impact on your search engine ranking but they do accept value paid web directories that have editors who review sites to ensure the website is to a good standard.

Below is a list of my suggestions for paid directories. Prices range from free to $299 a year and you should see an increase in your Google ranking after three months after your website has been accepted into the paid directory.

DMOZ Web Directory

DMOZ was the original web directory and offered a lot of value to a website that was accepted. It can be tricky as the directory is free to submit to so they receive thousands of requests a week. I found contacting an editor of a particular category can help to get your link accepted. You should be able to find these details at the bottom of the page of relevant categories but may require a bit of research.

The original directory, one of the best directories for SEO, has now been closed but this link is to a duplicate of that site and still passes value to increase your website SEO if you are accepted.

Best of the Web Directory

The BOTW directory also known as The Best of the Web Directory is amongst the best directories for SEO and claims to be the webs oldest web directory. They are a very well known directory to digital marketeers and have an editorial review process of all submitted website link. They offer yearly and lifetime directory listing options with the ability to edit the links if needed later if you change your business description for example.

I have submitted London based websites to the BOTW website in the past with a noticeable increase in the website’s Google ranking. As part of a wider SEO campaign, it’s a good option.

Jasmine Web Directory

The Jasmine paid directory has an editorial review process for website submissions. It has a very good MOZ score of 52 out of 100 so offers good value links to improve your SEO. They offer express and standard links submissions. Express offers lifetime links and they appear above standard links as well as offering more value from links coming from higher-value pages. Directory

JoeAnt is a human-edited directory and one of the better directories for SEO. Each site is given an editor ranking of 1,2 or 3 bars with the best sites starting at the top. You can also signup as an editor and submit your website for free.

JoeAnt has proven to offer a valuable link and a noticeable rise for two London based local business website’s I have submitted to the web directory in the past.

Hot vs Not Directory

Hot vs Not is a general directory that reviews all websites before acceptance. They have been going over 12 years and offer a very good SEO newsletter. They have over 16 major categories, regional and country categories and has many authoritative websites listed from London based businesses. Highly recommended.

Family Friendly Sites Directory

One of the oldest web directories. Each site is checked to make sure they are Family-Friendly. Emblems can be added to your site to show your website meets their criteria and many pages have high authority.

AbiLogic Directory

Well designed and easy to navigate directory that offers a unique rating system and thumbnail screenshots of website listings. All websites are reviewed before being accepted ensuring only quality sites are included which can positively affect your website SEO.

Go Guides Directory

Go Guides is a respected web directory that has been around for a long time. It’s well worth submitting your website to this directory as part of your SEO campaign as it’s offered at a reasonable price and one of the leading directories for SEO.

Dir Journal Directory

General human edited second-tier web directory that is reasonably priced and offers resources, how-to guides and SEO articles.

Gimpsy Directory

This is a unique directory in that it lists categories by the actions the websites offer. If your website is an interactive website, this is the ideal place to submit your website to.

Incrawler Directory

Internet Crawler features a General web directory and has good authority for some pages within the directory which is not overcrowded and can be beneficial for your website SEO.

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