London Web Design Events: State of the Browser 2019

About The State of The Browser 2019 event

London Web Standards hold a monthly meetup on the 3rd Monday of the month in the evening for web designers and developers to discuss designing and developing websites to web standards and how this effects website visitors, businesses and their customers.

Monthly meetups in London feature speakers from the web standards community with discussions covering accessibility, UX and UI performance, Javascript, CSS, HTML5 and website typography.

An annual one day conference is held in London every year with The State of the Browser 2019 outlined below:

The State of The Browser Venue

Where – Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, Holborn, London WC1R 4RL
Date – Saturday, 14 September 2019

Speakers at The State of The Browser 2019 event

Andy Bell – Keeping it simple with CSS that scales
Andy Clarke – Inspired by CSS Grid
Andy Davies – Performance… it’s for People
Bruce Lawson – How To Make Loveliness: an HTML Treasure Hunt
Laura Kalbag – Accessibility For Everyone
Michelle Barker – When Grids Go Wrong: Debugging CSS Grid
Sally Lait – Making standards work for everyone
Sanjay Purswani – Google AMP: The fastest thing on the internet.

Ticket Prices

Single Ticket – £30 – The standard ticket which is the cheapest priced ticket and will allow you into the conference.
Diversity Ticket – £50 – Two tickets are included. One of these tickets is for an under-represented group or a person in a difficult financial situation.
Helper Ticket – £40 – This ticket includes an extra £10 donation.

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