Illustration in Web Design: Impress Your London Clients with Illustration

Why do we use illustrations in web design?

The Skills of the illustrator can shine through and be appreciated more than a stock image which can have a positive impact on your brand identity. An illustrator will spend time creating a concept for the illustration that is unique and has been customised for your brand and marketing making your website stand out from your competitors.

Stock imagery can be very effective, however, the image styles can be seen on numerous websites and therefore can diminish your brand identity and impact of your marketing.

What is the purpose of an illustration in web design?

Illustrations make the page warmer and friendlier. Salesforce uses background illustrations for its hero images with more details screenshots or people layered on the front.  This gives a softer image to CRM software which can typically come across is very serious an dull as Microsoft does with their dynamics 365 software.

Both salesforce and dynamics 365 enterprise-level software but salesforce appeals to both commercial and corporate clients whereas dynamics 365 generally appeals to large corporate clients.

Illustrations help in this appeal by giving the impression the software is easier to use whereas dynamics 365 can appear complicated to a relatively inexperienced CRM user.

Illustrations also capture the website visitors attention and engage them for a longer period than a photograph typically would by focusing the message you are trying to convey in a visually pleasing illustration.

What is an example of an illustration?

Children’s books use illustrations to tell a story such as books by Roald Dahl. This may be through one illustration or multiple linked illustrations on the same page or connected via several pages.

These allow the illustrator’s creative minds to work wonders in telling a story such as how a product goes through the manufacturing process or how a medical procedure is conducted. This can create a clean image without the distractions from a variety of lights and objects that will be present in a photograph trying to tell the same story.

It is also usually much easier to create the illustrations than for a photographer to capture the required image due to the logistical difficulties of photographing the necessary people, on location, at a particular time with the right lighting and the tools and object to hand.

What is the purpose of infographics?

Infographics are a way to simplify information in a visually pleasing manner.  Rather than just presenting a spreadsheet of information that is easily forgettable, an infographic, if designed well, can communicate an overview of the information that is easy to digest and understand.

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