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    Barry Reynolds

    Stock images are photographs from a library of millions that cover a wide of genres including adventure, architecture, sports, careers, food, landscape, property, wildlife and cities such as London.

    These can be purchased from various libraries online and can be an effective way to populate your website design with quality images at a much lower price than commissioning a photographer.

    Selecting photographs that work with your web design is a skill in itself. Choosing images of the right subject, demographic, composition, location and lighting are just some of the elements that need to be taken into account.

    We have all seen the cheesy stock images in an office setting with people giving thumbs up towards the camera. Although these photographs are taken in a studio with a professional photographer, lighting, and models, these images portray little character and creativity.

    These images should be avoided; instead, images that reflect your brand identity, target customers, London locations, demographics that connect with your website visitors and that have a high level of technical quality should be selected. Popular Stock Image Libraries Include:

    Adobe Stock Images

    Shutter Stock Images