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London WordPress Events: WordPress London Meetup

Screenshot Of WordPress London Meetup Group.

WordPress London is a group on the website with monthly meetups held on the last Thursday of the month. They usually have 2 or 3 talks in an evening with an open question and answers sessions. When attended they have free pizza provided by WP Engine who sponsor the events and members visited a local bar afterwards networking and socialising.

It is a friendly WordPress community with events aimed at WordPress developers, designers, users of WordPress and business owners. They have over 2700 members and have held over 85 events so far. They moved from a venue at City Univerity in London to the Cloudflare office at County Hall, near Waterloo tube station in central London in early 2019.

An overview of WordPress London can be viewed on their WordPress London Meetup page, with their upcoming events listings on WPLDN website.

Previous Events

Previous events have discussed – Staying on track with the design process and providing world-class support for your customers.

Back in early 2018, Graham Armfield who works with organisations to help them improve the accessibility of their website, presented the event on accessibility tools by looking at a range of browser extensions and WordPress plug-ins for testing aspects of accessibility of a website.

Barry Reynolds

Barry Reynolds is a director at WP Design with many years of experience in web design, WordPress development and digital marketing.

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Barry Reynolds

Barry Reynolds is a director at WP Design with many years of experience in web design, WordPress development and digital marketing.

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