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7 Best WordPress SEO Plugins for High Google Ranking

7 Best WordPress SEO Plugins for High Google Ranking

On-page optimisation plays a key role in overall website or a webpage optimisation. According to Matt Cutts, Spam Chief of Google, WordPress is a wonderful web platform that is equipped with a good number of SEO toolkits.  However, it never implies that there is not enough of scope for improvement on the front of SEO-friendly elements’ integration. WordPress SEO plugins fit this frame. These plugins help a WordPress-based website get added technical advantage for optimisation.

The best point about these plugins is that they are easier to use even for the non tech-savvy crews. However, never use them too much because that may create problems with your web hosting account and speed factor as well.
Here are some best free WordPress SEO plugins for your  website.

Best WordPress SEO Plugins

WP SEO By Yoast: A host in itself, that is the best tagline to define this plugin. XMl sitemap, RSS optimisation, Page Analysis, Webmaster Tool Verification, Social Integration, Breadcrumbs etc are some of the best features that have come with this plugin. And there is Snippet Preview which is another best that allows the users to preview how their post and page will look in the search result listing. Page Analysis Feature checks a lot of if-factors like if the image you have posted has an alt tag, if the post is lengthy, if there is Meta description etc. With it, you need not to install other plugins like Google xml sitemap.

SEO Plugins for WordPress

Google Site Verification: This plugin helps in verification of your website on Google’s webmaster tools. After installing the plugin, login in to your personal Google Account and choose verify and grant access, and you are just ready to go.

Redirection: You will understand its utility while changing your WordPress installation directory or moving pages from an old website. Among multiple features that come with this plugin, a special mention must be 404 monitoring. It refers to redirection of URL and that happens through different methods like redirection to random pages.

Google XML Sitemap

It is important to install this plugin if you want to use all above-listed SEO plugins other than WP SEO. It performs some important functions like creation and submission of site map which helps the search engine crawlers retrieve complete information of your website structure. The major advantage of using this plug-in is that it is compatible with every page generated by WordPress. And not only that, this plugin also generate notification whenever a new content is created.

Broken Links

Broken links influence website optimisation in the most adverse way. With this plugin, you can be at least sure that all internal and external links on your website are working properly. You will get different options to fix broken link issue. High configurability is another advantage of this plugin.

SEO Smart Links

Both internal and external linking is good from SEO perspective. Such linking allows the readers to gather more relevant information. SEO Smart Links is a really wonderful plugin. It automatically creates a link to the post where it finds out a particular keyword or key phrase that matches an article. Manually link set-up is also allowed.  Manual linking is a good way to create affiliate links.

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