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1000 Londoners

Chocolate Films is a production company and social enterprise based in South London. Over the next five years they will be carrying out a digital project called 1000 Londoners, which involves creating three minute films that give an insight into the life of 1000 people living in London.

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A Multimedia Experience

Chocolate Films had been nurturing a collective documentary project for almost a year and needed a website to act as a platform to centralise that content.

We were chosen to design the website 1000 Londoners to expose the different documentaries, filmmakers and Londoners involved in the project. Following our client’s brief, we created a multimedia platform, where the imagery was central. Website visitors can visit Londoners’ and filmmakers’ profiles, which contain related copywriting, photos and videos. We also made the website fully responsive to enhance the multi screen aspect of the experience.

Making Digital Documentaries Social

Chocolate Films wanted 1000 Londoners to go viral soon after the launch of the website, so it was important to involve social media at the very beginning of the project.

We designed the website with that goal in mind. We understood that the content from 1000 Londoners would need to quickly spread to other online communication channels. We started by integrating the project’s social media accounts into the website. We also created a system for users to interact with the organisation via social media or to share content on various channels.

A Fully Functional Platform

Chocolate Films was also interested in making 1000 Londoners a dynamic experience for website visitors.

In response to that, we made sure the website would boast a wide range of other features such as an advanced search filters, a multilingual functionality, an easy to use contact form (including a file attachment function) as well as a large selection of videos. The website also features a blog with regularly updated content optimised for search engines.

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