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Dehumidifier Rental

Dehumidifier Rental is a 24 hour emergency response, equipment hire and flood restoration company based in London, with experience of a range of water damage and damp problems with residential and commercial buildings.

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An Appealing Website

Dehumidifier Rental offers various services and products. It has also built a detailed process on how to help their customers solve water damage.

Showcasing our client’s products and services with a clear and attractive design was one of our main goals. It was essential for our client’s website to break down the various ways Dehumidifier could help its customers. Using service pages and tabs as well as products pages, our web design details our client’s business in an appealing and straightforward way to raise interest in the company.

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Applying Conversion Design

Dehumidifier Rental had noticed the main source of business were the number of leads coming from its website. Increasing that number would considerably help its business grow.

We created a conversion centered web design using subtle calls to action disposed in strategic areas of the website, logical and straightforward navigation to offer an effective browsing experience, appealing text buttons, illustrative icons as well as meaningful and impactful images. The goal was to achieve higher conversion rates by influencing the website visitors’ actions.

Brand Design Development

Dehumidifier Rental was also interested in evolving its company image and approached us to work on its brand guidelines.

We started a research on colours and fonts to find an appropriate colour scheme and typography for our client’s brand identity. We used blue and green as main colours to highlight the connection between Dehumidifier’s business activity and water, as well as to emphasise the company’s eco-friendly values. For the typography, we selected eye-appealing fonts to create a stronger identity with the website copywriting and to make the content more approachable to visitors.

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