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Gingko Gardens

Gingko Gardens is a garden design and landscape construction company that provides bespoke services to both residential and commercial clients in London. They pride themselves on their innovative and sustainable garden design solutions and take every precaution to ensure they carry out their work in an environmentally friendly manner.

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A custom design for a unique brand

Ginkgo Gardens wanted their website to translate the unique aspect of their business and to stand out from its competitors.

In response to that, we worked on a web design theme that would transform the landscape of common horticultural companies’ websites. We made the footer an artificial garden by using original illustrations from our designer. We also chose colours to remind the website visitors of plants, gardens and grass. By experiencing this website, users would already have one step in our client’s culture. Finally, we ensured the website theme was made fully responsive (large desktop, laptops, tablets and mobile) to keep a same unique experience across all devices.

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Showcasing stunning imagery

Ginkgo Gardens had great photography of their work that needed to be showcased on the website in the most valuable way possible.

Our choice of colours for the website design was partly made in accordance to our client’s imagery. The idea was to make the website visitor feel like they were in a real garden. By showing photography of landscape design in the different sliders, we wanted to make the website visitors feel like they were part of different environments. Making the imagery experiential on the website was our take on how to add value to it as well as on how to convert website visitors into potential customers and increase our client’s business.

Integrating SEO into the Website

Ginkgo Gardens was also interested in our SEO services in order to improve their website’s ranking in related search engine’s results.

We were glad to help make their website more visible, so we designed the website with SEO in mind. We started by building the website with clean code. Then we optimised its content with metadata, followed by research and analytics of relevant keywords. Finally, we brainstormed and created an intuitive internal linking strategy. Thanks to these different techniques, we delivered a fully equipped website to our client.

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