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Marbles FD

Marbles FD comprises a team of highly experienced finance directors and controllers who offer their services to growing businesses, seeking advanced financial direction. Unlike other companies, Marbles FD offer flexible and bespoke services, allowing clients to work with them on a part time, interim or project based basis.

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A Fully Customised Design

Marbles FD needed a website with a new design to give a fresher look to its business, however it was important to match their existing branding.

We took on that challenge and researched our client’s brand identity and the strategy behind its logo. This process led us in creating a customised design with our client’s branding at heart to give a uniform look to the website. We added a modern and sophisticated feel to the design, as we were inspired by the correlation.

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Brand Re-positioning through Copywriting

Marbles FD wanted to keep consistency between its branding and our web design, but they also wanted to improve their brand identity through copywriting.

We were happy to contribute to that change, as it was a good opportunity to involve our copywriting services in the website creation. The challenge was to combine creative writing and content optimised for search engines. Our in-house copywriter researched keywords that would be relevant for our client and for SEO, then applied them in the website content. That way, we met our client’s need as well as the search engines’ standard requirements.

Improving Visibility Through SEO

The Green Recruitment Company also asked for their new website to be integrated with social media. It was important for the Company to have a profile on multiple social media outlets.

The solution we used was to feature social media icons in the header, the footer and on the sidebar to catch the user’s attention while browsing on the website. We integrated the Twitter feed to the sidebar, showing the company’s latest tweets. In addition, we a function which allows users to apply for jobs using their Linkedln profiles directly through the Company website. The website’s visibility was further enhanced with an industry related blog and advanced SE0 functionality.

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