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myGCSEscience is a video learning platform that delivers courses in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Responsive Web Design

The Wimpole Clinic website automatically resizes to work on mobile, tablet and desktop computers.

WordPress Development

The website was developed on WordPress allowing the client to add blog posts and manage the online store.

Digital Marketing

Successful SEO, PPC and paid social media campaigns significantly reduced the cost per acquisition.

What We Did

Price Tables

Website offers free and paid subscription content for the 2nd and 3rd year students. We helped create pricing tables that were clear and concise to encourage registration.

Progress Checker

Subscribed students can track their progress by ticking a box next to viewed course videos that are displayed on the course overview page to tracking of their progression.



A colour scheme for each course year and icons for biology, chemistry and physics were used to help with navigation through the website.

Cta Buttons

CTA Buttons

Prominent call to action buttons that encourage visitors to view the packages on offer and register for both the free and paid subscriptions are used throughout the website.

Video Content

Video Content

GCSE Science tutorial videos created and uploaded to Vimeo were embedded throughout the website. A selection of these videos are within a paid for members area.

GCSE Benefits


Icons, headings and persuasive copy were created for the benefits section. These helped highlight the features and advantages of signing up to the courses.


Testimonials a key for increasing credibility. These were added from existing course videos and further testimonials were encouraged from new subscribed customers.



Common student queries were converted into a question and answer section to encourage signup and reduce time spent replying to customer enquiries.