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My GCSE Science

myGCSEscience is a London based video learning platform that delivers courses of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. It has grown to be one of the best sources to learn AQA science topics and to prepare for GCSE science exams.

We started with a brainstorming session to define the most relevant website architecture that could suit video learning. The structure of the courses was fundamental as they follow a logical teaching process that leads the online students to efficiently prepare for their exam. Thus we made sure the website’s organization valued our client’s services.

We decided to build the website design focusing 100% on the user experience. After conducting in-house research on the audience, we adopted a design tone that involved peaceful colours and an organic font to put the visitors in a suitable mindset for learning. We also created a colour-coded navigation to pair structure with creativity and to make the browsing experience more playful. With such details in place, we kept more visitors interested and active, which helped in converting them into premium subscribers to our client’s business.


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