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Reach Cambridge

Academic residential study programs in Cambridge.

Study Programs

The website promoted the study programs with an overview table and posts dedicated to each subject with further information.

Student Testimonials

Student video and written testimonials along with image galleries from previous years were added to the programs subject pages.

Online Application

An application form was created with dropdown form fields allowing parents to provide relevant information for processing.

Education Web Design For Cambridge School.

Residential Summer School Web Design

Our web designers created an engaging website for this Cambridge residential summer school using WordPress and optimising the website to increase targeted traffic and conversions.

Video Gallery

Gallery provides engaging video content covering the school, staff and student perspectives. All videos are hosted on YouTube and embedded.

Subjects Table

A clear and concise courses table was created so website visitors could easily find out more information on subjects they were interested in.

Instant Chat

Website visitors are presented with a pop up instant chat feature in the bottom right of the screen for quick replies to their queries from online consultants.


Website incorporates multiple blogs providing daily updates over the summer months and ranks highly with Google to grow the reputation of Reach Cambridge.


Testimonials a key for increasing credibility. These were added from existing course videos and further testimonials were encouraged from new subscribed customers.


Common student queries were converted into a question and answer section to encourage signup and reduce time spent replying to customer enquiries.

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