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Skilled Careers

Skilled Careers is one of the leading recruitment consultancy companies in London for the construction, property and engineering sectors. They are responsible for building effective relationships between highly skilled and experienced candidates and reputable, industry leading employers.

Making the information of the website accessible was one of our main priorities. We implemented a colour code to distinguish the different job categories featured in the header in order to highlight the diversity of our client’s services. Doing this allows them to be visible on any page of the website. Thanks to that, the website visitors can see our client’s services throughout their navigation.

To improve the website’s visibility, we ensured it had a strong focus on SEO to allow search engines to find it easily. By using our knowledge of link building, analytics and keywords, we made our client’s website fully optimised for search engines and therefore more visible to jobseekers. SEO is becoming more and more important in a competitive market such as the recruitment industry.

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