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Google Authorship – How To Become Visible Through Your Content

Attributing content to their original authors, i.e. Google Authorship was announced by Matt Cutts in 2011 at the SMX. Since the announcement the process of attributing content to the authors by websites has evolved.

If you are not well versed with the process then this blog post can help you learn a thing or two about Google Authorship . The basic thing you need to know is that Google completes a circuit of confirmed trust between an author’s published content and itself. Now, if you wish to take part in this program, you require having 2 things. First, you must have a verified digital identity that is owned by Google. It must also link that published content to your Google+ profile. Second, that published content must refer you as the author and connect back to the verified digital identity.

Google Authorship Verification Methods

There are 3 verification methods followed by Google which include 3-link process, 2-link process and the email verification process. The 3-link method is one wherein the content pages link to the author’s biography page and the biography page links to the Google+ profile page. In the 2 link process, the content pages contain a mini biography of the author which links to the Google+ profile page.

In the last process, the Google+ profile page links to an email address of the author in the same domain. Before establishing this linking process, you will need to set up a Google+ profile. If you have an existing Google account, then you have a stub Google+ profile. However, for the process of Google Authorship markup, specific information must be provided.

You have to upload a clear profile picture. After the photo is uploaded, click ‘finish’ and then click ‘profile’ followed by ‘edit profile’. Select the ‘show this tab on your profile’ and click save. After this, click ‘other profiles’ and click ‘add custom links’.

Add labels to all your social media accounts. For credibility purpose you can add pertinent information about yourself. Click on ‘done editing’ to save the changes. Copy the 21-digit ID number found in the URL of your Google+ profile to be used later. For linking the content pages select the process.

In 3-link method, add a link of the Google+ author profile on the biography page. Add ‘rel=”me”’ in the anchor tag code. Add this link to the content pages. Click ‘edit profile’ on Google+ profile followed by ‘Other profiles’. Click on ‘add custom link’ and add label and add full URL for author biography page. Save changes and click on ‘done editing’. For 2-link method, add the link of the Google+ profile to the author biography snippet. Click on ‘edit profile’ in Google + profile followed by ‘contributor to’. Then Add full URL and label by clicking on ‘add custom link’. Save and click ‘done editing’.

For email verification process open the ‘Link your Google+ profile to the content you create’ in Google+ profile page. Paste or type the email id in the byline link of your content in the Step 4 box and click ‘Sign up for Authorship’. A confirmation email will be sent to your inbox. Click on the link and your email address will be added to the work section of Google+ profile automatically.

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