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Add Links to a Sidebar in WordPress Web Design

Lot of us is using WordPress these days to publish content. It becomes imperative to know the method in which links can be added to a sidebar in WordPress. These links are responsible for getting business. The links section on the WordPress helps in managing the links on your WordPress website through other websites.

Links that contain pages with content and posts are managed through the links section on WordPress. To Add Links to a Sidebar in WordPress, you have to click on the c on the left side of the margin. You will see 2 categories below the ‘Links’ section. Select Add New from the categories. A page will open where you will have to feed right information to add a new link. The first line demands the Name of the link where you will have to enter the name of the link. This name is basically the text that is visible by the viewers on your WordPress website .

Next is the Web Address. You have to put the web address and ensure that you put in the address properly with ‘http’ being put in the right space. Next is the space for description, where you have to fill the space of your web design with the description which will be the text visible by the viewer when he/she points at the link. Next, there is the category for the links where you can assign a Web Design category to your link. Then select the target category for the link In case you want the link to be private, go to the right hand side and click on the privacy option before adding the new link.

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