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Add New Web Page in WordPress Web Design

How to Add New Web Page in WordPress Web Design

You can create both Pages and Post using WordPress. When you are writing a blog, you create a post, whereas pages are meant for information such as Contact and About. Information that is not bound by time is often published on Pages and not in posts. Some of the most commonly created Pages include Legal Information, Accessibility Statement, Disclosure, Reprint Permissions and Company Information.

Pages and Posts are similar in many ways as both of them have Content and Titles and can make use of WordPress Theme templates to create a uniform look throughout the WordPress Web Design. However, pages do differ from posts in more ways than one.

  • Pages can be arranged into SubPages
  • Pages can make use of various Template Tags, Template Files all of which form a part of different Page Templates
  • To put it simply Pages are meant for non-blog content

In order to add a new page in WordPress you need to:

  • Log into the WordPress installation page and exercise your admin privileges.
  • On the Administration Tab, click Pages and then Select the Add New Option to Create a Page
  • In the Title box, add the Title of the Page.
  • Click on Tab or simply Click on the Text box placed below the Title box
  • Type the content of the page or paste the same in the box
  • Go to the Preview option on the right hand side of the page to check the content as it would appear on the  web page
  • You can click on the Save Draft option for reviewing your content later or simply hit the Publish button to instantly get the content uploaded on  your WordPress Web Design
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