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Approving and Editing Comments in WordPress Website

Approving and Editing Comments in a WordPress Website

WordPress provides you with the option of managing the comments posted on your web design page or blog. Site administrators can approve, edit or delete the comments that are posted by visitors to your website. However, initially you need to choose whether you would allow visitors to your WordPress Website to post comments. There is a separate web page, which shows how you can go about enabling or disabling comments in WordPress.

In order to manage them, you need to click on the Comments link on the left hand side panel of your dashboard. The comment display page exhibits the Author of the comment, the comment itself and the post to which it was submitted to.

Tips for Managing Comments in WordPress

  • For managing comments in WordPress, you need to mouse over a particular comment. Several action links will appear below the comment. You can either Approve or Unapprove the comment. After you have approved the comment, it will appear below the post for the site visitors to see. On the other hand, clicking on the Unapprove link ensures that the comment remains pending for later approval.
  • You can also choose to Reply to the comment, following which a text box appears below the comment. You can type in your comment and hit the Reply button to make it live.
  • Next up is the Edit comment link, which enables to edit everything right from author information to the comment itself, the status of the comment and even delete it by clicking on the Move to Trash link
  • You can also mark a particular comment as Spam. If you decide to mark it as Not Spam, then you need to visit the Spam folder, take your mouse on the Not Spam link and bring it back to the edit comment index. You can also choose to delete the item permanently.
  • The final option available is that of deleting the comment. You can do so by placing it in Trash. You can choose to delete in permanently by visiting the web design page.
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