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Change Password on WordPress Website Profile Page

Password is your key to enter into your WordPress Website profile page and hence it is extremely important. Normally we attach extra importance to password because it maintains your separate identity and lets you to access your profile. It’s your privacy code. It is wise to keep changing your password at frequent intervals so that it does not get hacked. After all it is the matter of your security. WordPress Website provides you the facility to change your password. It is a simple process which you have to follow step by step to have your password changed and maintain your security.

Briefly on how to change password on WordPress Website profile page

In order to Change Password on WordPress Website, point the mouse on the ‘Users button’ on the dashboard. After that select ‘Your Profile’ link. You will be directed to a web page as soon as you select the link. Scroll down at the bottom of the WordPress profile page and type in your new password in the box demarcated as ‘new password’. While you type in the password, the strength indicator will display the strength of your password. Obviously it is good when the indicator says ‘strong’. If you are satisfied with the password, click ‘Update profile’ at the bottom of the WordPress profile page and the password will immediately take effect.

To know that your password has been successfully saved, you can look at the top left of the page where ‘Profile Updated’ message appears which will indicate that your profile has changed and the new password has been saved. Hence, it is quick and easy.

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