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Change WordPress Web Design Theme

How to Change WordPress Web Design Theme

In order to change the theme on WordPress, go to the side bad and select ‘Appearance’. Then select ‘Themes’. As soon as the  page opens you will be able to customise your current WordPress Web Design theme or change it totally by choosing from your existing  themes. Choosing ‘Details’ about any available theme will provide you the information regarding this particular theme. Selecting ‘Live Preview’ will direct you to the preview web page of your site containing this theme where you can further customise the WordPress Web Design theme by using the options on the left of the page. You can activate the theme by clicking on the ‘Activate’ button from the same page or you can activate it from ‘Manage Themes’ themes as well.

Installing WordPress Web Design Theme

New themes can also be installed from the ‘Install Themes‘ tab. A page will open from which you can select the feature filter criteria for your theme and hit on ‘Find Themes’. You can also choose from Recently Uploaded, Newest and Featured to browse themes. The options will be same as the ones in the manage themes page. However, there is one difference that is you have to install the theme before you can manage or activate it. You can also manually select  by clicking on ‘Upload’ button on the top. Pressing on ‘Choose File’ will allow you to choose the zip file for your theme.

To begin installing WordPress Web Design theme, press ‘Install Now’. Once this is done, you can easily preview and customise your new WordPress Web Design theme. Finally activate it for the viewers across the world to see.

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