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Adjust Web Design Using WordPress Image Editor

Adjust Web Design Using WordPress Image Editor

It is important to have a proper size of image uploaded in your post to create the right kind of impact on the reader. Image Editor in WordPress offers the facility to scale or crop the image to make it suitable for the area inside your post where the image will be published.

The Image Editor on WordPress website provides a number of helpful tools

The WordPress image editor tools include the options of cropping, flipping and rotating images. While cropping the image, click on the image hold and press your mouse and drag over the image to create an outline of the portion you want cropped. Click on the ‘crop icon’ to crop the image. Clicking on the help button will provide information on aspect ratio and keyboard shortcuts. Save the changes. If you wish to restore, then click on ‘restore image’ button.

Now to scale an image, click on ‘scale image’ button. As soon as you click on it, the size of the image is displayed in width and in height. Changing either of them will automatically adjust the other in order to maintain the aspect ratio. Click on the ‘scale’ button to proceed further. To update the image, you have to choose the version of the image you want to update and then press the ‘update media’ button.

Hence, cropping or scaling an image is easy in WordPress Web Design . You simply need to know the process of  Image Editor in WordPress to be able to get an image of your chosen width, height and portion.

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