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Edit Image in WordPress Post or Web Page

How to Edit Image in WordPress Post or Web Page

There are various tools in WordPress to edit your images. One normally edits the size of an image. If the browser permits you can simply click on the image and pull the box on the sides and adjust the size, otherwise use the WordPress image editor. In order to edit image, click on the image and then click on the edit icon on top left corner. A web design page opens where you will see various editing functions like alignment, size etc. There is a preview window which will show you the edits you are making in real time.

Options to Edit Image in WordPress Post or Web Page

There are 4 alignment options- none, left, centre and right. Checking the boxes will place the image in the direction you choose along with the text wrapping the image accordingly to your WordPress web design. Choosing ‘advanced settings’ will provide more specific options for image editing. For more editing options, click the ‘upload/insert’ button and choose gallery. The list of images appear where clicking show will the image and below the image is the ‘edit image’ button clicking which will provide more editing options for your WordPress web design.

You can adjust the scale, rotate the image, flip the image, and crop the image. You can undo and redo the changes as and when you want. To crop the image click on the image and drag a box to crop it according to your wish. Click ‘save’ button to save the changes. If you wish to get back the original image, click on ‘edit image’ and click on ‘restore original image’ on right side.

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