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Editing Posts or Pages in WordPress Website

How to Edit Posts or Pages on WordPress Website

Editing posts or pages in WordPress is functionally the same. It is easy. Start by going to the dashboard and selecting web page or post. Then click on the title of the post you will like to edit or point the cursor over the post title and click on ‘edit’ in the action menu. In order to make some addition, click on the post where you will like to add and start typing as soon as the cursor appears over there. If you will like to embolden any word or paragraph click on ‘bold’ button in the toolbar of content editor.

Further Editing Posts or Pages on WordPress Website

To Italicize, click on the ‘I’ button in the toolbar after selecting the particular area of the text. Text alignment can be done by selecting the area and then clicking on either the left, right or centre alignment icons in the toolbar. The editor will provide a general idea of how the post or web page will appear. If you wish to see the changes made to the post, click on the ‘preview’ button and see the changes made on you WordPress web design. If you are satisfied, then click on ‘publish’ button to publish the web page or post on your site.

Hence, editing page or post is quite easy in WordPress with the help of buttons and icons located in the content editor. Just follow the instructions in the article to make changes in the post or page and preview it to ensure the changes. Finally publish the page for the world to see.

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