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Embed videos, images and media into WordPress Web Design

Embed Videos, Images and Media into WordPress Web Design

Embedding media content from external websites like Flick, Youtube, and Google Video is quite easy. Copy and paste the media content URL onto its own line in the visual editor. Your web design system will automatically convert the content for you depending on the type of media link you have entered. If you like the media to be displayed on the same line with your content, then you are required to wrap the URL with an embed tag. The embed tag has a special format- ‘

’. You have to include this at the beginning of the URL. At the end of the URL the sign should be ‘

’. Hence, the entire format will look like

Incorporating the URL inside this tag actually indicates to the computer system to convert this tag into the relevant media format. Many of these sites provide the facility of customising tags for setting up specific video parameters. Now, you have to place this URL embed code into the text editor. For doing that you will find the ‘text’ option on top right of the text editing box. Click on that and the code is embedded. When you have finished doing it, click on the preview changes button to view the changes. If you think the changes are proper and exactly according to your needs, then click on the publish button to update the media in the web design post.

Thus, you see embedding a media file inside a text is quite easy on WordPress Web Design.

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