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Introduction to Post Excerpt in WordPress Web Design

Post Excerpt in WordPress Web Design

The blog roll is an immensely significant part of your website design. It is the central location where visitors find all of the content you have posted. However, WordPress uses the entire post in your blog roll by default which can be a bad experience at times by your visitors. Nevertheless this negative experience can be compensated by introducing a wordpress post excerpt. An excerpt is a description or summary of the post which is optional. Incorporating a post excerpt is easy but there are various steps to be followed in order to ensure that it is incorporated properly.

Variations of using Post Excerpt in WordPress Web Design

The first step is to click on the ‘Settings’ menu and then click on ‘Reading Settings’. You will notice that there are quite a few options. Among them select the ‘For Each Article in a Feed show’ – choose ‘summary’ from the options and save the changes. The next step is to turn on the visibility of the post excerpt in the content editor to ensure that it is visible. Go to top right and select options where a drop down menu will display a bunch of check boxes from which the 5th from the 1st is ‘excerpt’, select that which makes the excerpt visible.

Now, scroll down through the content editor and come to the excerpt space. Fill the space with the summary relevant to your theme. Update the change. However, the visibility of your excerpt will depend on the theme you have selected for your blog roll. If it does not show, then in the content editor, select the ‘Insert More tag’ button on the tool bar. This will highlight the summary inside a post of your WordPress website .

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