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Introduction to the WordPress Admin Bar

The WordPress Admin Bar is a panel located just above the site and comprises relevant information pertaining to the administration of the website. It is the grey bar that you get to see on the top of your site and is visible only when you have logged into the site with your admin login and password. WordPress Admin Bar features screen links including the ones that provide you with the option to add a new post to the web design or even change or edit your profile. This panel was introduced into WordPress in the Version 3.1.

The WordPress Admin Bar provides quick and easy access to different aspects of your website:

  • There is a WordPress symbol on the extreme left, which provides you information on various aspects of WordPress, including Documentation, Support Forums and Feedback or Contact Forms.
  • This is followed by the Your Site tab. You can click on the tab to access the Dashboard, Themes, Customize, Widgets, Menus, Background and Header sections, all of which provide personalization or customization options for your WordPress website.
  • The icon next to the Site Tab lets you monitor the comments that are posted after you have a published a blog.
  • The Add New option next to the Comments tab allows you to add new posts, media, web pages or even users.
  • On the right hand side of the admin page is your profile link and the avatar icon. You can click on the Edit my Profile option to make changes to your profile or log out of the site.
  • Next up, you will find a search option. You can click on the icon to search posts or categories on your WordPress website.
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