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Introduction to WordPress Website Link Categories

How to Use WordPress Website Link Categories

Knowing about link categories on WordPress Website will help you to organise the links according to the subject matter on the side of your dashboard. Hence, proper knowledge about WordPress link categories is important. However, the link categories are not related to the categories of your post. To access the WordPress link categories, click on the ‘Links’ option in the side bar. In the drop down menu you will find 3 options, select the ‘Links Category’ option.

Deploying WordPress Website Link Categories

To add a link category, you have to enter a name of the category first. This is the name appearing on your WordPress website . Then appears the slug. A slug is a URL friendly version of the name such as ‘Web Design Agency‘ and you will then arrive at the description section. The slug section contains characters in lowercase in terms of letters, numbers and hyphens. Add a nice description of the link. After doing this click on the ‘Add New Link Category’ button shown below. As soon as you click on this button, you will find that on the right hand side of the screen, a list of the categories appear with a description, slug and the number of lists belonging to the categories for each link category in the system.

If you click on the quantity, then you will know about the links contained in that category. Pointing the mouse on the link names shows certain options pertaining to that link category. If you click on ‘edit’ you will arrive at the edit link category page. Make changes if any and press ‘update’ to save them.

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