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Introduction to WordPress Website Media Library

Know about WordPress Website Media Library

To access Media Library on WordPress, go to the side bar and locate media. From there select library. Once you select library, you will find all the uploaded items like music file, image file or text file stored in the library. You can upload different types of files in the media library. These include PDF files, graphic files, audio and video files. Any media that was previously uploaded from pages or posts will be available to you in the list. These files can be used in the future for any web page or post.

Navigating around your WordPress Website Media Library

Pointing your mouse on the items in the list will display certain options just below the item. The options include edit, delete permanently and view. If you click on view, the file content will be displayed like a preview on your post or web page. Clicking on delete permanently option will lead to a pop dialogue box which will ask for confirmation
whether you want to delete it permanently. If you confirm the task, then any media which deleted once cannot be restored.

If you click on the edit option displayed below the item, it will direct you to the edit page. On this page a thumbnail version will be displayed for the item along with information related to the item. Here you can change the media name and arrange the alternate text for those who are unable to view the media. You can also create a description and caption for the media. Click on the ‘Update Media’ button to save any changes being made.

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