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Paste from MS Word into WordPress Website Posts and Pages

Paste from MS Word into WordPress Website Posts and Pages

Transferring anything from MS Word into WordPress Website posts and pages can be a little complicated depending on your theme. It can be a little time consuming. This happens because Microsoft Word inserts html into the text which can spoil the original look of the post that you had intended. Microsoft Word Documents normally has proper spacing, might have bullet points and proper formatting. However, the problem arises when we paste the word document into WordPress Website. The document does not look the same. Fortunately, the web design of  WordPress has a formatting set up for you to take care of this issue.

To begin formatting, select the entire text on the word document and copy the entire text on the clipboard by pressing ‘control C’. The next step is to import the selected text on WordPress. However, instead of simply copy and pasting the text on content editor in WordPress, you can use the facility specially designed for copying text from MS Word Document. When you begin, just check that the second row of your formatting option is available with the ‘show/hide kitchen sink’ button on the far right of the tool bar. Then, you will notice a button that has a clipboard icon with a ‘w’. Clicking on this button will open a pop up window. By pasting the entire document in here the formatting is retained.

Finally update the post by clicking on the same button on far right corner. When you refresh the web page, you will see that the document seems similar to the one you had on MS Word.

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