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How to Add an Image in a WordPress Website

How to Add an Image in a WordPress Website

Adding images to your content improves its appearance and may even improve visibility. In a WordPress blog or post, you can incorporate pictures by using the insert picture icon. You can upload or Add an Image in WordPress Website from your computer to a post. For that you need to:

  • Go to Posts and click on add new post option or edit a post that you have already created.
  • In the text box, place your cursor where you would like the image to appear. Then click on the icon that appears at the top of the web page/post editor.
  • You can either drag or drop files in the box that appear or click on the Select Files option to select a specific picture from your computer to upload it.
  • If you wish to upload multiple files and are facing problems while doing the same, you can try and use the basic uploader as it is compatible with most web browsers.
  • After you have added an image from your computer, you would see a lot of other details and get other options to edit the image and save it for final publishing
  • You need to add a title and an alternate text, which people can see even if they cannot view the image
  • You can also add a caption and a description for the image
  • Check the alignment and the size of the image as it would appear in the post
  • When you are done, click on the Insert into Post option
  • Finally click on the Save option to save the changes that you made.
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