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Working with Categories in WordPress Web Design

Each and every post in your WordPress website or blog appears under a particular category, classifying your posts into categories helps visitors to find them easily. Each of the categories may be put under a Parent Category that a hierarchy is established. In order to manage categories, you need to click on Posts and then select Categories.

Adding New Category in WordPress Web Design

The Add New Category option allows you to add new category which linked to the Table of Categories. While creating categories in WordPress, you need to submit information primarily under four heads. These include Name, Slug, Category Parent and a Description of the category which you are about to create.

  • The Name of the category should be unique, such as ‘London Web Design’ and you should be careful about not repeating it while naming other categories.
  • Next comes the Category slug, which is used in the URL for the category. This should be unique as well. All characters in the category slug should be in lower case with only letters, numbers and hyphens.
  • Then write a short description of what your website visitors are likely to find the category that you are about to create.
  • Categories can also be classified into Parent categories and sub-categories. If you wish to make the category a parent category, then select the same from the drop-down menu. For example, you can create a category Food and then create a sub-category such as Recipes. The existing categories and sub categories are also displayed on the right hand side of the add category page. The box provides you with information such as the name of the categories, description, slug and the number of posts under each of these categories. If you click on the number of posts, you will be redirected to a webpage, which features all the posts in the category.
  • You can also edit category information by placing the cursor on the category name. Click on edit to make changes to the name, slug, parent category and description and click on the Update button to save the changes.
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