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Working with QuickPress in WordPress Web Design

How to Use QuickPress in WordPress Web Design

QuickPress is a mini post editor in WordPress Web Design that allows you to create posts directly from your dashboard. It allows you to include a title, a body text, media files as well as tags in the post. You can also save the post in the form of a draft. If you wish to publish it immediately, you have that facility as well. There are more facilities to use in QuickPress. For further options like adding categories or setting a future publish date, you have to use the ‘add new post’ screen. Hence, working on Quick Press in WordPress is easy and least time consuming.

The Quick Press box is found on the upper right when you log in to your dashboard. Quick Press is only active for posts and you cannot work on pages from QuickPress. When published the post will appear in the default category. Quick Press as the name suggests will provide you the opportunity to quickly do basic things with your post. Insert links section cannot be changed in Quick Press. It is the best option when you are in a hurry.

If you wish to add something to your already present post or you simply wish to submit a simple post, try using Quick Press. You will not be able to highlight or decorate your post by using Quick Press. The best use of Quick Press is its draft facility which can be used to save the post for later by using the ‘Save Draft’ button.

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