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Miles Strategic is an economic consultancy company that was established by Dr. Nicholas Miles back in 2004. The company focuses on helping their clients to grow their economies and businesses. They work with companies from a wide range of sectors, based in London, the UK and internationally.


Miles Strategic needed a new website to promote its economic consulting services online and attract more interest on its research and articles.


Redefining our Client’s Website

Miles Strategic needed a new website to promote its economic consulting services online and attract more interest on its research and articles.

In order to redesign our client’s website in the most suitable way, we focused on different key elements. First of all, it was important to define an architecture with users at heart. We helped our client in categorising the website sections to create a more straightforward user journey and we made the copywriting plain English. Then we provided custom web design to make the navigation more appealing to website visitors. Finally, our client had photographs that needed to be featured with a specific grid layout, so we matched the design to the photography’s characteristics.

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Improved User Experience

Miles Strategic also wanted its website visitors to engage more with its content and to get more feedback from them.

We made that request part of our process when creating the website architecture. We made it user-friendly, but we also implemented features to make the website navigation more engaging. Using our client’s social media accounts and by integrating it to the website, users can quickly and easily interact with Miles Strategic. We also added a search functionality to guide website visitors towards the information they are looking for


Logo Design and Identity

Miles Strategic wished to refresh its visual brand identity and especially redesign its logo.

As we were making our client’s website design evolve, it made sense to us that the logo would evolve with it. We organized a brainstorming session with Miles Strategic and research the core audience our client wanted to target. Our in-house designer created a logo that would appeal to corporate professionals, especially from finances and politics. It was partly inspired by the logo design of cultural organisations, which is a closely related field to our client’s industry.


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Miles Strategic

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