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UI Design: What does a London UI Designer Do?

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When it comes to designing your website, the smallest things can make the biggest difference to the overall user experience it provides. For example, the way in which you layout your content and the colours you use can have a big impact on how users feel about your website.

Therefore any UI Design decisions made during the web design process should be carefully considered to make sure you are creating the best impression on potential customers.

Web design is far more than the process of creating an aesthetically pleasing website. In fact, to create a truly effective website, the UI Designer and client need to understand how different design elements affect the mood or attitude of the visitor; the psychology of web design.

Here we have outlined some of the areas of website design that have the biggest impact on the psychology of web users so you can go on to design more effective websites that engage users, spark the right emotions and encourage them to return time and time again.

Designing your content

Your content will be one of the most crucial elements of your website, as it will, after all, be users’ primary reason for visiting it. With this in mind, it is important to make sure that it is presented in a user-friendly format.

Remember users go to the internet to access information quickly, so they don’t want to be scrolling through pages filled with thousands and thousands of words. In fact, doing this is going to leave them feeling pretty stressed and irritated.

Make sure your content is edited and well organised to that you provide users with the information they require without overwhelming them. Presenting your content to users in an easy-to-read and logical format will please them and make them more likely to buy your products, sign up to your services or complete whatever call to action you require.

Creating space

The way in which your website is organised can have a big impact on how users feel about it. If it is cluttered with content, images and links, it is going to confuse them and leave them feeling unmotivated to explore your site further.

One way you can prevent this from happening is by using white spaces. These are areas of your web design that are completely blank - free from both content and visual elements. The benefit of using white space (particularly around your content) is that it gives users a chance to breathe and really take in the information you are providing them.

Taking a minimalist approach to web design (putting your point across using the least amount of visual elements) will help you to create a clean, fresh and engaging website that will put users in the right frame of mind for reading your content, buying your products or doing whatever you want them to do!

Using colour wisely

The colours used in web designs are often dictated by companies’ branding, but it is important to remember that colours also have connotations that can impact how users feel about your business. For example, the colour blue has connotations of trust, reliability and dependency, making it a good choice for corporate businesses.

Whereas colours like orange and yellow are really warm and welcoming and are therefore great for websites that want to create a friendly vibe and build personal connections with users.

Whilst it’s important to consider the meanings of different colours, it is also essential that you look into how they can affect the usability of your website, as you do not want them to detract from your content or make it difficult to read.


The last subject we will touch on is typography. Typography is important in your overall website design. There are hundreds and thousands of different typefaces out there for you to choose from, but be careful because different typefaces can convey different messages and create certain impressions on your visitors.

For example, serif fonts like Times New Roman have a more serious and professional feel than san-serif fonts like Verdana, which are seen as being more modern and informal.

You need to think about what you want to say to users and which font can help to get the message across best.


When it comes to designing your business website, it is important not to forget about the small elements, as it is often these that make the biggest psychological impact on users.

The greater care you take in presenting your content and ensuring you use the right colours and fonts, the more likely you are to make a good impression on users and keep them coming back for more.

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Barry Reynolds

Barry Reynolds is a London based web designer and WordPress developer that creates innovative websites and effective digital marketing campaigns to help London businesses grow.

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Barry Reynolds

Barry Reynolds is a London based web designer and WordPress developer that creates innovative websites and effective digital marketing campaigns to help London businesses grow.

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