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WooCommerce Design & Development

Do you want to increase your e-commerce sales?

WooCommerce Theme & Plugin Development

Creating online stores that grow your brand

WooCommerce Support & Maintenance

Same-day technial support to keep your site running

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WooCommerce London Web Design Agency

We’re a London based agency specialising in WooCommerce website design, web development and digital marketing.

We design, develop & support e-commerce websites using WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin, the world’s most popular e-commerce platform.

We design an online shop that maximises product sales by optimising your landing pages and efficient design of your product listings, product posts and the checkout process.

We design the websites to adhere to your existing brand style guide, including the colour palette, typography, iconography and photographic style, or we can create a unique brand identity for your WooCommerce website.

WooCommerce Store Management

Our developers install and configure WooCommerce store management extensions to help you run your e-commerce business.

WooCommerce can be used to sell products, digital downloads, website subscriptions or even accommodation.

Managing your purchases can be accomplished by installing extensions and integrating your WooCommerce website with external apps to ensure you have stock in your inventory, your products have been paid for, shipped to the correct address and returns tracked.

Our WooCommerce developers are experienced in installing the required extensions and developing custom WooCommerce plugins to integrate your website into the needed applications.

WooCommerce SEO for High Google Rankings

Product descriptions, page titles, breadcrumbs, URL’s and meta tags and some of the elements our WooCommerce developers configure for product posts and landing page to enable website optimisation for Google search rankings.

We use WooCommerce SEO plugins to help optimise your product page content to gain maximum exposure. We also offer ongoing SEO and PPC campaigns to create optimised content from your WooCommerce products post, blog post and landing pages to drive traffic and increase sales.

WooCommerce Speed Optimisation

Website speed has a direct correlation to conversion rates so we optimise your WooCommerce website to load quickly.

Uploaded product images are automatically resized and compressed to reduce the file size and improve the performance or your online shop.

CSS and JS script and combined and minified to reduce server requests, and are served to your website visitors via a content delivery network for faster load times for website visitors around the world.

WooCommerce Security & Hosting for GDPR

Security is of utmost importance to us and our clients so we ensure WooCommerce installations are secured on multiple levels. We use enterprise-level hosting with monitoring, and protection provided by the most advanced security plugin for WordPress.

Forms are monitored for spam and obvious spam is quarantined and automatically deleted.

WooCommerce Support & Maintenance

We offer support and maintenance contracts to ensure your WooCommerce website is always available and running optimally.

We can offer same-day fixes for WooCommerce and WordPress issues covering security, hosting, bugs and problem occurring due to server, theme and plugin updates.

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