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Digital Marketing for WordPress

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Our first step towards helping you to make the most of your SEO campaign is to provide you with a detailed consultation.

The main objective of SEO is to boost the authority of your domain and page rank in the search engines. In order to rank well, we need to analyse what the search engines want and then look at the ways in which we can provide them with it.

Search Engine Optimisation

Another way to improve your SEO is to assess whether your published pages have been sufficiently indexed by the search engines. We will look at factors such as HTML code, meta-tags, alt-tags, page loading times and keyword placement and density.

It is important that your published pages are working to their absolute optimum to ensure you have the best opportunity to rank higher than your competition.

Link Building

Link building is an essential factor for a successful SEO campaign. Links from an authoritative website will help your ranking on Google. This is because a link from a respectable website is seen as a ‘vote’ which passes some of their authority onto your website.

Building links from other websites is one of the three major areas of SEO, the other two being technical SEO and content.

Links come from a variety of sources such as from blog posts recommending further reading to your blog posts. These can be some of the strongest links if they are from relevant sites that are trusted in Google’s eyes.

SEO Copywriting

Want Google and other search engines to promote your website? Then you’ll need copy that has key search terms for your product or service woven into the text to bring up your website ranking.

This is not a case of ‘key-word stuffing’ but of knowing which words, terms and phrases will most successfully connect customers with your particular service and brand. The best copy is a fine balance between intriguing and SEO-optimised language.

SEO Questions

Keyword Research

We research keywords and the phrases they are commonly used with in order to help your site rank for the correct search terms to promote your services or products. We use a variety of tool to help us find keyword phrases that are used for the products and services and examine your competitors web pages, the keyword densities used and keywords commonly used around those phrases but not necessarily directly to target for those keywords. These are  known as LSI keywords and if used effectively can greatly enhance your search engine ranking.

With this information we can plan out the content structure of your website and page content in order to compete effectively against your online competition by using this to assist in creating effective copywriting.

Recovery from Google Penalties

Your website or specific pages can be penalised by Google which could be a drop in the ranking of that page or removal from the Google search. This is a major issue that could mean your lose a significant about or traffic and leads.

Common penalties could be duplicate content within the website, low quality links pointing to your website, mobile rendering issues, hacked websites or intentional tactics to deceive Google.

We can find these issues and remedy them by either fixing the issue within your website or by using techniques that find and block the effects of low quality links. Google penalties have become a serious issue over the past year so constant monitoring of potential problems is essential.

Image Optimisation

Images play an important role in technical SEO and being found on google image search results. We ensure all images are sized correctly for intended purpose and compress the images without visible signs of quality loss. Images will be created for Retina displays such as the latest iPhones and a content delivery network is used to ensure the fast loading of the resources

We ensure the image file names have appropriate keywords along with the ALT tag and captions where used.

Audit and Reporting

Website audits allow us to see what the current state of the website’s SEO is. We will find any technical SEO issues and examine the copywriting as well as the backlink profile of your website. This data allows us to keep areas of your website that are ranking high and improve or redesign and create new content for other areas you wish to target.

Website Migration

When you migrate your website to a new server or domain, there are important steps to prepare before the migration begins to ensure you don’t lose search engine ranking. We can assist in migrations to new faster servers as well as domain changes that will require correct redirections for all URL’s to be set up.

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