Add New Post on WordPress Website

Add New Post on WordPress Website

Posts are nothing but entries, which appear in a reverse chronological order on your web page, i.e. the latest post appears at the top preceded by the ones, which you have posted earlier. Unlike pages, you can find a comment field beneath posts. Posts also appear in a website’s RSS feed.

In order Add New Post on WordPress Website:

  • Access your WordPress Administration Panel or the Dashboard.
  • Click on the Posts button and then select the Add New option.
  • Insert a heading for the post in the Title box. You can use different words or phrases but make sure that there is no repetition of the title as it may be misleading. You can even enter dashes/hyphens, commas and apostrophes in the title or even use quotes.
  • Hit the tab button on your keyboard or click in the Text box provided to enter the content of the post.
  • You can either type the content like ‘Web Design London‘ into the box or even copy paste it from another location. You can also include links, images and even links to images along with the information that you wish to provide in your post.
  • After you are done with the post, you need to specify a category for the same. You can include it in an existing category or create a new one.
  • Next up you need to add tags for the post, which may include keywords from the post.
  • After you are done with the tags, click on the Preview button to check the post as it would appear post publishing.
  • You can save it as a draft for future review or hit the Publish button right away.

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