Ordered and Unordered Lists in WordPress Posts and Web Pages

How to Create Ordered and Unordered Lists in WordPress Posts and Web Pages

Creating links inside your web pages or posts has several advantages. It not only makes your content easily readable but also enhances the visual appeal of the page in terms of web design. To create an unordered or bulleted list inside the content, you only need to click the ‘unordered list’ icon displayed on the tool bar. Now begin to type the items inside the content which you will like to be listed. While typing check the format. After you have finished typing, click on the unordered list icon on the toolbar to indicate completion of the list.

Quick process of creating Ordered and Unordered Lists in WordPress Posts and Web Pages

If you wish to create an ordered or numbered list, then click on the ‘ordered list’ icon and start typing the items you want listed in order inside the text. Once you have finished including all the items you have wanted to, click on the ‘ordered list’ icon again to complete the list of items. Now, you must be curious about seeing the changes you have made in the text. Go to the right hand side publish margin and click on the preview button to check the changes you have made inside the text. See if the changes are same that you wanted. If you wish to make changes after previewing, then do not save the changes. Edit the changes you have made. Otherwise, click on ‘publish’ button to publish the content with the saved changes.

Therefore, creating an ordered or unordered list on a page or a post is quite easy and user friendly on your WordPress website.

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