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Over 25% of all new websites are built using WordPress, over 10 times more than the next CMS system. WordPress is easy to learn and requires no coding knowledge to update your website allowing you to add pages and blog posts without the need to use a developer.

Plugins offer advanced functionality such as document management, CRM integration and SEO enhancements. We work with our clients to select the best plug-ins to increase user engagement and increase website leads.

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Easily add pages

WordPress allow you to update web pages and blog posts without coding knowledge. Images, videos and text can be added to web pages as easily as you do when creating a Microsoft Word document.

All aspects of your website can be updated from service and product pages to blog posts and image galleries. Blog posts about products launches, company news or tutorials can be created and shared on social media to increase your brand exposure and encourage people to visit your website to make an enquiry.

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Advanced SEO

Ensuring your website ranks higher than your competitors on Google is essential for business success. WordPress offers a number of SEO plugins with advanced functionality to highly optimise your website.

WordPress websites we create allow meta titles and descriptions to be edited, essential factors for SEO. We can add further functionality and optimise areas of your website such as keyword densities, image file names, structured data and sitemaps, a fraction of areas we can optimise.

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Plugin development

WordPress can be extended to fit most of the website functionality needs of our clients. Plugins we have integrated and developed include:

  • Paid membership plugins for e-learning websites
  • Advanced download manager using WP-Filebase Pro
  • WPML – WordPress multilingual plugin integration
  • Recruitment websites with Broadbean Job Board integration
  • WordPress powered secure client portals
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WordPress FAQ's

Do you use a page builder plugin with WordPress?

We use a page builder plugin with all websites that offers a drag and drop interface to allow content to easily be moved or added to a page. Once the design and coding has been applied to the page, new content can easily be added without the need to code the new sections.

Do you custom code WordPress themes and plugins?

We custom design and code all WordPress websites we create to ensure the website is built to the exact needs of your business.

We select the leading WordPress plugins to ensure maximum compatibility, reliability and security of the website. Plugins can be custom developed of adapted where required for specific needs.

Are websites designed and developed to enhance SEO?

We develop all WordPress websites with basic SEO features. These include dynamically or manually created meta titles and descriptions, H1 – H6 headings, optimised images ALT tags and file names.

Additional SEO plugins can be installed and configured that included management of external links on the websites, microdata, goal creation in Google Analytics, 301 redirects for redundant pages etc.

What testing procedures do have for the website?

Testing throughout the project is essential to ensure the website in produced on time and is error free.

We conduct a range of testing such as cross browser, HTML and CSS validation peer code review. We also perform risk assessments every week to highlight potential issues in order for them to be resolved without delaying the project.

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