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Creating Hyperlinks in WordPress Website

Creating Hyperlinks in WordPress Website

The Process to Create Hyperlinks on WordPress Website

Hyperlinks provide you the ability to link a word or words to another web page on your WordPress website. Hyperlinks also make the above mentioned task possible for any other page on the web. To create a hyperlink on the content editor, highlight a word or words on the text you will like to hyperlink and click on the ‘create or edit’ icon on the toolbar. This will help in creating the hyperlink from the words you will like to use for linking purpose.

Guide to Editing Hyperlinks on WordPress Website

A pop up dialogue box will appear as soon as you click on the above mentioned icon. Here you will be asked to enter or paste the URL you will establish a link to. Here paste the link to which the visitors will be redirected to when they click on the words on your content. Next space is allotted to the title. The title will provide more information to the readers when they point on the link. There is an option below with a check box which provides the option of opening the link on the same window or tab you are using or opening the link on a separate tab or window.

Below this, there are options for your web page being linked to your WordPress website. In the search box type the title of the page you want to connect to and a list of pages will appear for you to choose. Select the page from your website and the URL will automatically populate. As soon as you click the ‘add link’ button, link gets added.

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